Purpose of Establishment:

        The Language Teaching Center was established to realize the University’s policy towards internationalization by way of raising the foreign language proficiency essential to a quality vocational education. The Center thus focuses on strengthening students’ efficiency of learning of foreign language abilities, to be combined with their concomitant acquirement of expertise knowledge and growth of competitiveness in the changing society. As the primary administrative unit in implementing the University’s language policies, the Center was officially established in the August of 2008 under the Office of Academic Affairs. The Center is primarily responsible for the following tasks:

  1. To plan and organize all English courses in the University.
  2. To implement English assessment and graduation threshold programs
  3. To design and conduct intramural and extramural language activities
  4. To create a quality environment for English learning
  5. To enhance efficiency and expand effectiveness in English teaching and learning

Teaching Objectives

        In accordance to the overall developmental plan of the University, the Center actively acquires, plans, as well as provides the necessary resources required for teaching and learning English. By implementing foreign language assessments and learning guidance, the Center is dedicated to help students enhance their English capability for future competitiveness in workplace, and to cultivate students with a self-study habit that leads to lifelong learning in English.


The Center consists of a director and three administrative staff. Currently the center employs 3 full-time and 45 part-time teaching personnel.

Service Overview

  1. Implementing the Passport Program for English Learning.
  2. Implementing courses on English language skills remedy and strengthening.
  3. Executing English language assessments and course exemption policy.
  4. Implementing intramural and extramural language-related competitions.
  5. Providing guidance and counselling on English learning.


        Organizational Scheme

                Policies for the establishment of Academic Affairs Language Teaching Center

                Policies for the establishment of Language Teaching Center curriculum committee

                Policies for the establishment of English Teaching advisory committee

        Student Affairs

                Polices for English courses credit transfer

                Policies for assessment of students' English proficiency

                Execution code for basic English proficiency assessment


        The Center is located on the 7th floor (A704) of the University’s administrative building, neighboring the Center for International Cooperation, the Department of Applied Languages, and the General Education Center. In an environment of high cultural temperament, the Center is well-equipped with a variety of teaching facilities. In A702 the Center has a spacious language self-study area (Language101), which provides ample room for student discussion and learning materials such as magazines, books, and audio-visual aids. The Center also hosts advanced technological resources such as multiple sets of electronic hardware and cloud-based learning software, including eight personal computers available for student use and various English study software available for E-learning. In addition, in C303 a scenario learning classroom renovated with a screen three times larger in size than the regular one is available for teachers to conduct simulated real-world and interactive teaching for seeking the maximum efficiency of English learning.